Filing Taxes in Geneva - a couple of questions

Hi everyone, I have a few questions I need some help with please.

I have added screenshots of the ICTax site and the tax platform in Geneva.

1.The 3 last fields of the last table of ICTax:

  • am i mapping then correctly ?

  • the fact that there is an amount in field 3 means that I got dividends from some of the companies in the ETF? And these were withheld in Ireland ? And these I cannot recover, right ?

  1. Where do I enter the amount of cash sitting in my broker but haven’t invested? Should I just add another entry similar to a bank account? The options I have are:
  • compte bancaire ou postale
  • action ou part sociale
  • obligation
  • produit dérivé
  • fonds de placement
  • créance et prêt
  • gain de jeu d’argent
  • relevé fiscal papier
  • participation qualifiée
  • placement fiduciaire et compte à terme

  1. I use another broker for trading US stocks individually. Do I have to add every transaction by company or just those that payed dividends? I have bought and sold about 10 different stocks a few times each… should I add it one by one??

Thank you in advance.

I would recommand to use “relevé fiscal papier”. You can report your portfolio all in one (including cash and securities). Easier and faster.

Field n° 3 is only for income subject to Swiss withholding tax, which isn’t the case with your Irish ETF.

I would use a second “relevé fiscal papier”. One for each broker.

You’ll have to enclose a broker’s statement showing the value of your portfolio at year end, income received (gross + foreign withholding taxes), fees paid.



Field 2. Yes.

They were reinvested at the fund’s level.

Taxes on dividends were withheld before they have reached the fund and they are not recoverable.


You are right but I think you can’t do it with accumulating funds, because you don’t see dividends, but still have to declare them. So, funds entry for IE funds, summary of the trading account for US securities.

I would determine the taxable amount using ICTax and report the figure in the cantonal tax app under “relevé fiscal” as income not subject to Swiss withholding tax.

I won’t provide the trades details unless requested by the tax authorities.

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Thank you for your help. I appreciate it.

Thank you very much.

Thank you. I will take a look at the statements they provide and probably come back with a few questions though…

I took a look at the option Relevé Fiscal Papier and I have a few questions:
Looking at the new image I attached, if it’s not too hard I would appreciate some help.

1 - "numero du dépôt " - I don’t know what this is. I can’t find a 7 digit number on my broker account. I would guess this is in case you trade with a bank…?
The only thing I can make out of this is:

  • add my un_realized equity as fortune - number 4.
  • add dividends to number 3.

Regarding imputations, pretty much all i traded were US equities but not only… I am also talking extremely low amounts, so I don’t think it’s worth dealing with this.

I would appreciate some help if its not too hard. If it’s a bit more exoteric than a few tips can handle please let me know and I will seek professional help.
Thank you.

  1. It’s your account/portfolio number. Letters are accepted. If you don’t have any, just input a serie of zeros.

  2. Gross income subject to Swiss withholding taxes (including accumulating income from funds)

  3. Gross income not subject to Swiss withholding taxes (including accumulating income from funds)

  4. Value of your portfolio in CHF at Dec 31

  5. Only applicable if US securities are held with a Swiss bank

  6. Check the box if you want to fill in a DA-1.
    Input the gross income for which you request the DA1 + valuation in CHF at Dec 31 of the same securities + amount of foreign taxes you claim back (as per the double tax treaties) with a minimum amount of CHF 100.

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Merci Guillaume for your time. I really appreciate it. I own you a beer at least!