Filing Taxes for 2019

Hi guys, we just received a scary looking envelope for the tax declaration. This is our first year here (well second year, but we came in dec 2018, so there was not much that PWC, that was hired by my employer, needed to do). Do you know of any tax consultants that you use that will not cost an arm and leg?

Define “here”. Most cantons offer a free software if you fill your own taxes.

Define „tax consultants“ and/or the services you‘d expect from them. Or how your portfolio looks like.

I have seen offers to file tax declarations for (considerably) less than 100 Francs. Will they file you employment income and standard deductions worse than PwC? Not necessarily.

Ask people in your company if they know good “Tax Consultant” or “Steuerberater” depending where you live. If it is not complex, it will cost you around CHF 100-150. Just google “checklist taxes switzerland” and there you see what kind of documents you should bring with you to fill out your tax form. Most work is to gather the documents. But if you never did it, go to a Tax Consultant the first time and then you can do it yourself the following years.


thanks guys for your ideas!

The scary looking envelope should not scare you that much. Tax declaration is far less complex here than in many other countries. You may well be able to fill it online with an online help. You got recently from your employer a certificate with the taxable salary. If anything is wrong in your declaration you will never have to go to jail for it.
Knowing how to deal with tax declaration is a good step towards FIRE.