Fiduciaire Lausanne area

Hi everyone,

I present myself, Mustachian for a few year, most of my money is invested long term on stocks and ETF on a main account with IB. Though on the side I “play” a bit by doing some scalping (buy/sell under a few minutes) and swing trade some time in the year.

I’m in my first year of C permit and then have to declare myself taxes for the first time. I’ve already spent a few hours on it but I have too many questions/uncertainty on the trading/investment part and I honestly think I should use a fiduciaire, at least for my first year.

Would any of you know a good fiduciaire maybe specialized trading too, in the area of Lausanne?

I know trading is not really the main topic here but having a great community, maybe some of you may have heard about a good company or even just having a few advices to give.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

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