Fees and Additional Costs When Buying Appartment in Schwyz

Hello, I’m thinking about buying apartment in canton Schwyz but I can’t find how much would it cost beside the asking price. All I can find is that it’s not the most expensive canton, sure, but how much will I have to pay for: Notary, Land register, mortgage note? I can only find all the info for canton Zurich.

Schwyz is indeed very cheap when it comes to that. No property transfer tax, so you are only paying the notary. These costs depend a bit on the exact details (for instance if there is an old paper mortgage note that needs to be converted), but the prices are here: https://www.sz.ch/public/upload/assets/7361/213_512.pdf

For reference: I paid ~1,000 Fr. (50% of the overall costs as the buyer) a couple years ago for an apartment that cost ~800,000 Fr.


I’m looking at a new property, buying from the developer.

OK, 1k chf total is indeed low, nothing to worry about.