Family Home & Mobile Internet provider [2023 edition]

Hi fellow mustachians

I’d like to find a good setup for internet connectivity:

  • smartphone, data CH flat
  • laptop, data CH flat (hotspotting via smartphoe would work as a fallback)
  • data for at home (router, we have some more WLAN devices that dont connect to mobile networks)
  • optionally smartphone & laptop of the partner

the best I currently have is an abo for CHF 25/mo plus a glass fiber abo in Zurich for CHF 50/mo, which is shared

=> Cost: ~CHF 40/mo, for one mobile device and a fixed line at home

I remember there were some hacks with sim-routers etc

what cool setup do you have?

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I have Wingo, all unlimited in CH for 20/mo and Salt fiber for 50/m

Wingo has an offer for 25.-/month (Fair Flat) right now. Everything unlimited in Switzerland and 2GB/month in the EU (every additional GB costs 5.-).

We have Sunrise TV and 10 Gbit (well most of my hardware anyway only supports 1 Gbit max.) fiber internet for CHF 42/month. This was an awesome deal at Qoqa for a lifelong subscription that someone posted here on the forum. The speed is really great and I get the full 1 Gbit.

For mobile I have digitec connect for CHF 20/month everything included in CH and a bit outside CH.

Does it really support up to 10Gbits from a client or just as a total?

I don’t know to be honest. There is a 10 Gbit/s port on the Sunrise router, so I think it should work, but can’t confirm.