Fair bonus for referring an engineer

Hi guys,

I wonder what you think about this: I recently got contacted by headhunter, proposing me a job as SW engineer (embedded). I ignored it at first but then remembered that I know someone who is looking for a job and who would match the profile.

I asked the headhunter if there would be a bonus for me if I could refer someone that would eventually take the job. They offered 150.- which I find pathetic considering the amount they (presumably) would get. On the other hand my effort in this is close to zero and it would be nice to help someone to a new job. So I will certainly refer the guy (he said he’s OK with that) no matter what. I just wonder if I should bargain a little with the headhunter before giving him the contact detail and how much I should ask for.

What do you think? What would you do?

Take the money, the potential of you being referred for something else is much greater. Honestly even without money it is good to do.

Think about it, networking is giving and taking. Now you give and you increase your chance to get something later…


I had the same. I literally placed a guy in less than 48 hours for a very hard to find job. I asked about commission, so the headhunter says let’s go for a steak. :tipping_hand_man::flushed:

I was like… I was rather thinking a 4-digit number.

I’m happy for the guy I recommended though. He’s got a good deal and karma might just pay me back eventually.


Most of French IT contracting company will offer a 2000-/5000 chf co-optation bonus if you referrer a candidate that match their most wanted profiles.
You are eligible as an employee yourself during the period, if the new hired got hired by a client and pass the 3 months probation period.
In 15 years, it never worked out as it is usually people that can find better job themselves or hard skill to find on the market.

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