Exchanging Bitcoin with Familiy

Dear all.

It’s my first post but i like to log into the forum to check regularly the discussions here :slightly_smiling_face:

I have a position in Crypto (Bitcoin and ETH) and i wanted to understand the Taxation in Switzerland and additionally another question.

  1. Wanted to confirm if i convert the Cryptocurrencies to Fiat currencies if i am not a professional broker if i have to pay taxes on it here in Swizerland?

  2. My family is portuguese and leaves in Portugal and i think they don’t Tax Cryptocurrency convertion to FIAT in Portugal, what happens if i give them Cryptoin in terms of Taxation in Switzerland?

Best regards.

IIUC cryptos are seen like any other currency and therefore only count to your wealth tax (which is often neglectible). So selling or converting them will not have any impact on your income taxes.

No idea about the Portugal specific question.

Ola wolf!

There isn’t a legal framework of taxation for cryptocurrencies in Portugal so they wouldn’t pay any taxes on it.
I am not sure if you would pay anything in Switzerland so I can’t provide an input on that matter

If you give your wealth away, you might have to declare it (both here and in Portugal), and it may or may not be taxed (likely depends on amount and how often). If you just exchange at fair value, I don’t think it would cause any issue, should be similar to any other exchange of goods (except some AML flags being potentially raised on the wire transfer).

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