Ex green card holder - Vanguard ETF Ireland

Hello guys,

Maybe somebody here can give me a useful information. I used to be a us green card holder but moved to US before applying for my citizenship. When I moved here, my green card was still good so I filed taxes. After one year the green card is out of status, meaning you can not use it to enter US. Basically you need to restart the immigration process. So I decided I dont need to pay US taxes since it was out of status. It was not expired. A year ago I gave it up officially at the US embassy. I just found out I was suppose to pay taxes anyway. Now I want to invest in Vanguard shares. With the Interactive Brokers you need to fill up a form with the IRS. Would that also be the case if I use a local broker or post finance and buy Irish Vanguard on the London Stock Market? Does anyone have any similar experience? Any ideas about IRS penalties ? I think I want to be able to buy any Vanguard stocks in the future and not restrict myself because in the long run I i will be losing a lot more money.
I already contacted a tax company to see how much it would cost me to file since I dont really go over the taxable income anyway…Maybe i can invest on irish Vanguard until my US taxes are sorted.

Thank you

On the IRS issue, read up this thread on the forum.

I assume (dont rely on this!) that with the Ireland based funds you will be quite fine.