Everon 3a - strange vehicle

I just came across this strange animal of a 3a solution.


I don’t quite get what the offer is.

  • either a place where you can keep your 3a in shares of your own choice
  • or a place that offers active portfolio management in 3a

They offer no fees on 3a if you open a wealth management account now and pay at least 30k until the end of June 23.

I wonder if it’s worth sacrificing 30k at 1.05% management fee for free 3a fees.

I wasn’t able to find out what kind of funds/shares you can use in 3a.

My take on it: probably not a Mustachian product, for most it should currently be better to go with Finpension or TrueWealth. Seems a bit opaque.


Thanks for sharing this. I have the same questions that you do.

Edit: I’ve deleted my question about 3a fees: I have found my answer. 0.8% normal fees, includes broker, custody, forex, … That’s what is waived, so indeed actually 0% fees on the 3a part.

Something that got me a bit wary:
Michael Rümmelein is President of the board
Florian Rümmelein is member of the board (out of a board of 4), co-founder and part of the team.
Maximilan Rümmelein is in the product management.

Looks like family (people can share names without being related so I may very well be wrong but there seem to be some physical resemblance between the 3). It may happen that family members are the most efficient at handling specific activities, but it may also happen that other people would be more qualified for the position.

Edit2: Yep, Michael Rümmelein and Michael Bufler sit together on several boards. Also, their charity, the Swiss 5 group, has the 3 Rümmelein, Michael Bufler and Emmanuel Grauwiler on their team. Useful to get some infos on their career since they don’t display them on the Everon website: Swiss 5 Group

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Just skimming through their website already raises red flags and looks like some hair stylist/saloon template.

Some parts are in german and some in english:

There is even straight up wrong formatting in their FAQ:

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Given the rarity of the family name, I can guarantee they‘re related to each other.

Well, finpension have been caught and admitted to a (admittedly small) mistake in their legally valid T&C and that’s hasn’t stopped them from being probably the most recommended 3a provider on this forum, has it?

That said, Everon‘s English-language 3a offer seems to have been translated automatically or very carelessly - which doesn’t inspire confidence either.

On the more reassuring side though, they claim that the actual accounts are opened with Liberty.



Physical resemblance or not, it‘s not as if they‘re trying to hide it.

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