EUR Credit Card with rewards for Swiss Residents

Hi everyone,

I am spending a bit more in EUR and would like to get a credit card in EUR for some additional rewards.

Credit card companies in Portugal automatically decline my request because I am not a tax resident and/or haven’t filled taxes in Portugal for the last year.

Any credit card available for not residents in Europe that you see as worth doing?

I already have a platinum american express in CHF so I don’t need lounges or anything like that.
Would be nice to collect some cashback and/or points/miles.

Thank you

I have a credit card from Activobank in EUR.

I have one as well but they don’t really offer any rewards unfortunately

Interchange fees for consumer card payment cards in the EEA has been regulated (capped) by the EU‘s interchange regulation.

That’s why lots of bonus programs were discontinued or card fees/conditions got much worse. Probably not worth to bother, at least for Visa/Mastercard cards covered by the regulation.

Just use Wise. If if stuck with AmexPlat (ugh, dont), can get a CHF cashback card and EUR AmexPlat with same fee. Would just use Wise for all cross border payments, I wish there was a good cashback Eur card available.

Can you request a AmexPlat in EUR as well from SwissCard? (no extra cost?)

The Amex Plat is quite a nice deal for us. Since we are 2 people it’s 450 CHF per person and just the PriorityPass Unlimited access pays for the card since we are travelling quite often. Hotel perks, etc are also really nice so even though it’s not that mustachian I still see the value in having it.

Its separate account/card/charge. Used to be cheaper than CHF, now its same 900EUR/USD/CHF for each. Same 1.5% forex fee from the main currency.