EUR accounts with best interest rates: discussion

Hi everyone!

Based on this discussion, I was also looking for the accounts in EUR with the best interest rates for Swiss residents.

I know the LLB one can also be opened in EUR with 3.6%, but I already opened it in CHF and it seems that only one is possible.

Do you know any other?

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Ah yes thanks!! I didn’t see that option.

In your opinion is it the best one even in EUR?

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DKB: 3.5% p.a.
IB: 2.93% on amounts above 10k.

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WillBe 3.6% until 50k

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Would you consider IB for saving ~100K euros compared to saving accounts or fix term deposits in Swiss Banks?

Current interest rate (~3.4%) is much higher than Swiss Banks offerings.

On the other hand the credit rating is lower than systemic Swiss banks (e.g. ZKB, Postfinance).
I believe the mother company has a credit rating of BBB+ while the broker has a rating of A-. However, I am uncertain about which one has a greater impact on the likelihood of going bankrupt or losing cash.

No, I would go with Willbe with 3.8% p.a.
Somehow, I like to keep cash at IB at a minimum, since securities are safe, ik case IB goes bust.

It’s not a bank tho, so not sure it’s relevant (e.g. it’s not borrowing short to lend long and doesn’t carry that kind of risk).

That said I’d probably put it in some short term sovereign bond etf or MMF.

Update: I even found Trade Republic, who offers 4.00% p.a. on EUR, up to 50k:

Trade Republic 4.00% p.a. until 50k.


Update: I even found Trade Republic, who offers 4.00% p.a. on EUR, up to 50k:

Not available for swiss residents.

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Just buy a money market etf like XEON at ibkr.

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