EU ETF to invest in Drones market?

I would like to invest in the drone market via an EU ETF. Is there any? I use DEGIRO at the moment.
I saw there is one in the US called IFLY


Many of the companies in the holdings of that ETF will derive <1% of their revenue from drone or drone-related activities. Unfortunately the ETF seems like a gimmick.

For drones, do you mean consumer drones? companies using/making drones to do surveys (mostly for mining, agricultural, and civil engineering projects)? to deliver things? military surveillance and strike drones (soldier-sitting-in-US-Office-killing-Afghans-via-joystick style)? The last one is quite a different market from the others and most of the companies held by that ETF are more in that industry.

If you are interested in pure non-military drone companies, i.e., manufacturers and operators of drones and drone-borne sensors, unfortunately, there are very few that are publicly traded. You could probably make your own “ETF” by holding Parrot, Trimble, FLIR and a few others… although the world’s biggest consumer drone maker (DJI) is privately held.

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I looked at this about 1,5 years ago and found a very interesting French company involved with among others agricultural drones, but alas, they are not public (yet).
I’ll try find it again.

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