EU construction company for total renovation

Hi all,

Does anyone know if it’s possible, or have an experience in engaging EU contractor to do total house renovation, especially in near crossborder areas? Reasons are obviously cost related compared to the Swiss quote I received. I understand I need to have a local architect / project lead as there will be some structural changes but for the actual work I wonder if it’s allowed to engage an EU construction company from the town across the border? Is it one of those things that depends on the individual communes, and do I need some special permit?

Just to clarify its for total renovation, probably 2-3 months project, including roof, external walls, inner walls changes, plumbing, electric, heating…


The non-swiss company is by law required to pay their employees a fair swiss wage while they work in Switzerland [1]. So I think any external company won’t be able to undercut the swiss offer by a lot (?).

[1] Entsendung von Erwerbstätigen in die Schweiz