ETF: quote tracker

is there a way to get a notification from the broker (Interactive Brokers in my case) when an ETF quote loses a specific percentage of its value compared to 1, 10, 60 days before.

I have found some instructions but the reference value is always static, specific to a predefined value.

Perhaps a specific website/tool can do that?

I will use that to increase some of my positions when the market (MSCI index) drops , say for example 10% 15%.


You could probably set up a googlefinance formula for that.

Then set up the Google sheet to send you an automated email.

That’s all a bit manual to set up, but allows full flexibility compared to the service of a website or app.


I couldn’t ask for a better answer :slight_smile: @rolandinho . Beside that google always have some kind of useful services and for free!. They deserve not to pay taxes :stuck_out_tongue:

Note: there is something wrong with the syntax in the first (google) link. The attributes should be separated by “;” instead of “,”

That depends on your locale, afaik.


I posted something similar here

here is how I did it, for those who wants something similar but have rusty programming skills.

Cell A7 formula looking for a value 2 months old:
The value is displayed in “B8”. Note that the values collected during the weekend are shown by googlefinance with N/a .
On the same column the same formula is repeated changing how far in the past I want to check the price.

C8 shows the difference in percentage compared with today’s value . In case the price is collected during the weekend I had to force the cell to show show “0” instead of an empty one using the IF formula:

D8 : threshold check for value in cell C8: if the value exceeds the threshold defined in E8 (-15% in my case), then the cell value will be 1, otherwise 0

F8: cell used to trigger the email message in case one of the values in column D is 1 (which means one threshold crossed somewhere) . If column D has a cell with one of the value se t to 1 (which means threshold crossed) F8 will be set to 1 as well.

Finally, the email script will check the value in F8 and send a message if the value is 1

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