ETF Funds Acc to Dist switching

Since some ETF Providers have single funds that get split in two (Accumulating and Distributing), I wonder if there is a way to easy switch from one to the other without selling/buying the two.
Am I asking too much? :slight_smile:

This is not possible


I have seen conversions between units of mutual funds of the same “family” (umbrella fund), like CSIF, mentioned in the prospects. Don’t know what would be the minimum value of units required for the managing company to agree with such a swap. Some millions, I guess.

Theoretically you can exchange ETF units with the fund provider for something else, why not for units of the other class of the same umbrella fund? That’s what market makers are doing. Here we are also talking about multiple millions in value.

In my opinions for all practical purposes they are two different products and need to be bought and sold.

In Switzerland I think distributing funds are generally much better unless the reinvestment costs (due to brokerage or stamp duties) is very high.

Reason is that at some point in life you would like to take money out. And at that points getting dividends would make it easier.