ETF content lists

Anyone knows if it’s possible to get a complete list of the content of an ETF? I mean not just the list of companies but at the very least a list of ISIN.
Currently Vanguard has a list of all companies on their ETF, ordered alphabetically or for the number of shares they have, but what I’d like to see is the ISINs so that I can, for example, exactly know how big is the chunk of say Turkish shares.

Turkey is 0.1% of ACWI, so not a reason to worry if you invest in All-world trackers.

I actually see Turkey as an investment opportunity with the currently amazing P/E ratio of around 5. As a matter of fact, I got myself some Ishares MSCI Turkey (ITKY) only just last week.

That was an example. I wanted to know more in order to be able to overweight lands with my “fun money”. Not serious investments.There are some asian countries I want to play with.

I couldn’t quickly find a downloadable list of Vanguard, but iShares makes a Detailed Holdings and Analytics available to download as CSV. You can import into excel and have a field day with it :-).

for example:

OOh that’s what I was looking for. Unfortunately Vanguard doesn’t offer it.

I am actually wrong.
You can find the CSV file if you use the institutional website.

Side note: VT contains 70 Turkish stocks
One is worth 0 USD. funny…
,=“B13ZG00”,“HOPE “,“ASYA KATILIM BAN”,“147,465”,”$0.00”,“0.00000”,“Banks”,"TR ",-,

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