ESTV-Reporting means ... what?

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I have a question on a ESTV Reporting.

Does anyone know what ETSV Reporting exactly means?

Some fonds mentioned on as “Schweiz - ESTV-Reporting”. So tax data is reported properly to the Swiss Tax authorities.
I assumed that ESTV-Reporting means that the fonds is in the tax list (income & capital tax list) but fonds marked as “Kein ESTV-Reporting” (no ESTV-Reporting) are also in the tax list.

So where is the benefit of ESTV-Reporting for a investor?
Is it a criteria for prefering a fonds with ESTV-Reporting when there is e.g. another viable/low cost fonds?

Thanks for helping me out with that. Google wasn’t a friend of mine here.


without actually knowing (good you bring it up!) my guess would be that if it is ESTV reporting, then dividends can be found here
but again, this is my guess until i find out

The easiest would be to ask justetf directly :wink:
Could you give us an exemple of non ESTV reporting ?

Thanks @nugget

Do you mean dividends explicitly?

On (ESTV Kursliste) dividends are in column taxable earnings as far as I know. But also ETfs without ESTV-Reportings have taxable earnings in this column. So that’s the point.
I’m not able to figure it out.
Background of my question is: I would like to buy a commodity ETF and there is one with low TER without ESTV-Reporting an one with slightly higher TER with ESTV-Reporting.

@wapiti Yes, I already send them a email. Thanks for the advice.

Example: Let’s pick to world value ETFs

  1. iShares - accumulating, Ireland, ESTV-Reporting:

  2. Vanguard - accumulating, Ireland, Non-ESTV-Reporting:

(You can find the ESTV-Reporting note under: “Weitere Stammdaten anzeigen”)

Both are in the ICTax list with taxable earnings.



A quick google search revealed this:

“Swiss private investors are obliged to produce their tax return until March or May of the following year attaching a list of their investments including investment funds. To complete their tax return including the list of investments they utilize the Swiss Fund Tax Reporting published on the official reporting list by the Swiss Federal Tax Authority. If the Swiss Fund Tax Reporting is calculated and published in time investors may benefit from a number of tax privileges, e.g. capital gains can be excluded and are tax exempt. In addition for distributing funds up to 30% of ordinary interests and dividends are tax exempt. Missing fund tax reporting will result in extra work for Swiss investors – so for answering questions from tax officers or annoyance for arbitrary tax assessment by the tax authorities.”

More infos here:

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I’m still not sure I understand correctly.
Our mustachian beloved sample Vanguard VWRL (VWRD) according to JustETF doesn’t declare to ESTV (
Anyway it’s listed in ictax 2016 (
It might also mean that the JustETF infos are obsolete…

I wrote justETF for clarification. It seams that there is a problem with the data on justETF.

Es scheint, dass Vanguard für alle seine Fonds die ESTV Angaben nicht korrekt an unseren Datenanbieter übermittelt. Wir haben dies zur Überprüfung an Vanguard weitergeleitet.

Wir bemühen uns um bestmögliche Datenqualität und arbeiten extra mit spezialisierten Partnern, wie Fundinfo aus der Schweiz, in diesem Bereich zusammen.

If you find the fond on it has ESTV Reporting.

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@weirded Yes, they are a little bit obsolete at them moment. I will clarify that in a reply beneath.

I was for skiing a few days so i wasn’t able to reply in time.

Thanks @ElMago for the Google search clarifying the benefit of ESTV-Reporting and for the answer of justETF.

I also wrote justETF a few days before you @ElMago and I got the same reply.
I searched a little bit more. justETF is facing an issue with their data provider at the moment so that there is e.g. Vanguard, SPRD and maybe a few more US-fonds not correctly displayed (Non-ETSV-Reporting instead of ESTV-Reporting).
If there is a “-” (means: dash), than there is really no ESTV-Reporting from the fonds.

To be sure always go to and search for your fonds. If it is listed, ESTV-Reporting from the fonds is fine and there are no further troubles for us as investors.

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