English to German translator wanted!

Hey folks,

I plan to invade the CH-DE part of Switzerland in 2019 :slight_smile:
Hence, I’m looking for a freelance translator (English to German).

Does any of the reader have these skills? (or among your relatives)

Cheers and enjoy Holiday Season!

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Hey MP
Are you sure you mean Swiss-German? Because let me tell you that I’ve never ever read a blog in actual swiss-german, nearly always stuff’s written in german. Mainly also because there’s a lot of different variations of swiss-german and not THE way to write stuff.
I encourage you to do a german version though :+1:

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Hi Marc,

I agree with @Leap: Is it really a Swiss German dialect you’re looking for? I think you’d be best served with someone who can translate into Swiss Standard German.

See this differentiation:

Swiss Standard German is not a German dialect, but a variety of standard German. It is not to be confused with Swiss German, an umbrella term for the various Alemannic German (in the sense of “traditional regional varieties”) that are the default everyday languages in German-speaking Switzerland.

This choice will define your audience and the availability of translators.

If you use Swiss Standard German, you can reach basically all German-speaking readers around the world (>100 million), so it would have the maximum impact. There are some helveticisms, but those who’ve learned any German variant will be fine (it’s similar to the differences between American English and British English). And those who have no use for your information specifically for Switzerland, will still benefit from your general tips.

If you use one of the Swiss German dialects, this may improve reception in up to a million people, using Zurich as canton with the largest distinct dialect. Other Swiss German speakers will be fine, other Standard German speakers not so much. There will be significantly less translators available.

I’ve done some translation from English to German Standard German, and I can translate typical texts from your blog (PM me for a sample of work). This kind of translator is probably the easiest to come by. But my translation could easily be identified as that of a non-Swiss speaker. Finding someone to translate into Swiss Standard German is a little harder, but still probably quite easy: Many Swiss have excellent English skills and know the intricacies of Swiss Standard German. For finding a translator for a specific dialect (Bern would be my obvious favorite :wink:), you’d probably have to approach a language school for that particular dialect. The teachers there may be available for translation work or may give a good recommendation.



To be honest I, someone who’s been living in the german-speaking part of Switzerland all my life, had to look up the definition of Swiss Standard German…
And yeah, you’re right, there are differences but I doubt that any reasonable reader would mind if the blog he read was written in German Standard German. The differences are very subtle.

All I want to say is that it’s probably not “required” to have someone translate into Swiss Standard German for german speaking Swiss people to read it.

Hoi! Indeed I meant standard German.
I’ll PM both of you, thanks!

Anyone else feeling confident enough?

Thanks to all who replied and demonstrated interest!
In the end I chose a candidate from Fiverr (great service, tell me if you need a referral they have a win-win program).

Can’t wait to enable the CH-DE speaking people to get more informed about their finances and the potential of freedom hidden behind it!

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