Enable math plugin

There is an official math plugin for discourse:

Would be cool to enable this or something better. ASCII formulas are not easy to read.

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@Helix did you face many times where this would have come handy?

I’m trying to write a wiki on ILBs (inflation linked bond) and I wanted to show that I am not talking out of my ass. But the functions used get quite long and being difficulty to decipher them doesn’t help the reader.

I also sometimes use math to explain my reasoning in normal posts. Those are normally a bit shorter, but also not very pretty.


Thanks for your explanation!
I will look into this plugin this week still (Friday most probably). I keep you posted here.

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@Helix the Discourse Math plugin is now installed :slight_smile:
And you find the settings below (I let the ones by default, but let me know if any of those would prove useful, I can activate them upon request):



Works perfectly! :heart_eyes:

e^{i\pi} + 1 = 0

People looking for a Mathjax cheat sheet: I found something on Stackexchange.