Emergency Fund: Yes or No?

I was reading around EarlyRetirementNow’s (ERN) blog and found some interesting articles about it.

How much should we have in an emergency fund?

  • None
  • Few (~ 3 months expenses)
  • Some (~ 6 months expenses)
  • A lot

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What is your opinion on that?

We have some opinions here in the forum:
Where to put an emergency fund

ERN (Some more related links at the end of the article):
Our emergency fund is exactly $0.00

@thepoorswiss wrote about it too here:
Do you really need one?


I treat my cash/bonds allocation as my emergency fund.

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As I mentioned on my blog, I keep a small emergency fund now. Before, I was keeping 15’000 CHF which was about 3 months expenses. Now, I reduce that to a maximum of 10’000 CHF. Considering my insurances and deductible and the 10’000 CHF more available on my credit card if necessary, I feel really comfortable with this low amount of cash.

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I only keep as much as I expect to need for known expenses. Otherwise my investments are liquid enough to cash in very quickly in case of emergency.

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