Effects of capital gains on taxes

Hi everyone,

I have started investing during last year mostly in VT via IB, but also in some stock that was really low due to the pandemy. Today I realise that I have more than double what I have invested but I would like to reallocate the stock I have bought to VT.

I guess that my capital gain on stock will not be taxed but I was wondering if the capital gain will have an effect on the other tax I pay or if it will have an effect on the price I pay for daycare for example?

This is also the first year that I should pay wealth tax, but I have B permit. Do you know how to declare this or if I don’t have to do anything? I was not able to find a document to declare this in Neuchatel canton.

About VT, do you know if I can get withhold tax of dividends if I have a B permit?

Capital gain is not a thing for Swiss authorities, it won’t affect anything by itself. If you want to sell a stock and buy VT it won’t make any difference.
What affects your taxes is yearly income and total wealth on December 31st.

If you are above the threshold for wealth tax you simply have to fill the standard declaration like Swiss citizens. See instructions here:

I hope you’ve asked for an additional delay for filling your tax declaration, the standard deadline was February 26th.

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