Economics of Money and Banking (Coursera)

I see people often comment on e.g. QE, whether we’re doomed due to central banking intervention etc.

I’ve been following the following coursera:
And it’s pretty interesting so far (I’m finishing week 3), it’s probably a ton more academic than the youtube videos people seem to like around here (but then at least it feels like the content is very solid, and not black&white it actually explains that many of the concepts have many different ways of seeing it).

It’s actually very current since it was filmed right in the middle of the QE crisis so they do talk a lot about those things as well (but it’s still very US banking focused so far, I’m left wondering how different the European side was).

For all those that are fans of beancount, you’ll probably like it as most of the lessons so far are based on double entry accounting.

I suppose there’s some baseline economic knowledge required, but doesn’t feel very high (I’m not particularly lost and I mostly know stuff from wikipedia and a few books + standard high school classes).

Anyone else has other courseras to recommend?


The Michigan FinTech one is good but the blockchain stuff gets quite technical.

I wonder what have you learned as regards above and what they would say seeing what is happening now with money printing worldwide…

I guess the first step is to not see it as money printing (that’s a shortcut from maybe highschool level economy, actual banking doesn’t really work like that). Banking system requires both discipline and elasticity. What’s happening is expanding the balance sheets, banking systems with credits have always had those mechanisms and balance sheets expanding/contracting to react is a good thing (the reverse is what leads to heavy crisis, e.g. if there’s no liquidity between banks large part of the system would fail, or if you have a full reserve based system you’d be forced to debase at some point anyway, or the entire economy of the country might break which is likely not preferable to debasing).

I’m still at the beginning of the course, but one interesting point is to see the central bank coordinating as the same mechanism as the NY clearing house members coordinating to prevent the US banking system from failing (before the creation of the Fed).


How much does it actually cost? I haven’t found a price structure for their offerings. Some things seem to be free, others not?

I haven’t paid anything, I think many things on coursera are free (you probably pay if you want the course certificate).

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This course might also be interesting:

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