Early retirement, move to another country and pension fund withdrawal (pillar 2 and 3)

The question is if and how you’re going to be eligible for withdraw while (resident) paying taxes in Zug.

By becoming self employed.

Thank you!
AFAIK, it is possible to take the 2 pillar money after reaching retirement age as a lump sum or as monthly payments until death.
Do you know the rules for monthly payments?
How long a retiree need to be alive to benefit from the sum of monthly payments being larger than the lump sum?

The Umwandlungssatz is about 5% (varies from PK to PK), meaning you get 5% annually (in monthly installments) for the rest of your life.
So after 20 years you’re getting more than your lump sum. (ignoring the returns you’d make if you would invest your lumpsum)

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…only from a pension fund (not from a vested benefits account).

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Link to NZZ Article on withdrawing 2 Pillar when moving abroad.

"The mistake that most expats make is that when they leave Switzerland, they deregister directly from their old place of residence and re-register in the new country.

In contrast, consultants recommend waiting about a month before re-registering. During this period, during which the person moving can continue to live in Switzerland as a tourist, the pension capital is transferred back to their home country. When they subsequently register at their new tax domicile, the increase in assets in their bank account has already taken place"

Not sure what to make of this. Seems borderline fraudulent to announce your departure on date x if you don’t actually register in another country until later