E Post office: anyone tried it

As the title says. The Post has a “free” service to manage your post online.
Has anyone tried it yet? It seems the best idea for travelers/ FIRE people.

I did. I tried to do with all the letters but didn’t work.

For the moment I receive only the bills from the Caisse des Medecins but not other letters. Any of my senders are in the Post system.

I see the system like the PayBill but smaller. The sender must to comply with the Post system and be registered with them.

THe letters are a PDF and you can store like mails and attached files.

You cannot send letters from there.

I don’t feel it useful for the moment.


Weird. The talk about 5 scanned letters per month for 20chf. I thought there was someone opening them and scanning them.

I think it wouldn’t be that hard to do. I would start a company to do that myself if I can find enough people that pays.

In Geneva area you can get a virtual mailbox for 15 CHF/month much better that Post.

I was checking time ago as an alternative solution when FIRE going somewhere and maintaining an address in Switzerland.

You must read careful the conditions because they don’t receive “recommandés” from Tribunals, etc… But for standard things works perfectly.

I wonder how hard is to start something similar in Zurich. Not that it has to be in Zurich btw.

Is it really the same offer ?
Because all your mail should be scanned

No, no… Is not the same.
The offer from postscan is bigger… more options, etc.

I just pointed to them for a similar service but with more options.

No in Postscan… There is a mail forwarding service that they put all the mail in a package and send to you without opening.

Ok thanks.

My issue is that I still received a lot of free newspapers or tout menage/unaddressed flyers, even with a “stop ads” sticker.
If I leave/travel for one or two months, my box will be full when I come back. I’m quite afraid that someone notices that my box is full and tries to break into my flat.

Honestly, I don’t what to do to avoid this issue.
If you have any idea :slight_smile:

Ask your worst enemy or neighbour for help (the same who would feed your pets) …

Right :slight_smile:
It still creates a lot of waste

I use the E-Post Office scan service for my company and am quite happy with it. Improved my workflow a lot. I think we pay 45 CHF per month, which is not cheap, but definitely worth it in terms of convenience and time saved.

I came across a company called PEAX that tries the same thing. Not affiliated with that company in anyway, just saying that there’s competition @ma0

They all seems ok, apart for some of those get-a-mailbox-in-switzerland companies. I wonder how complex the whole thing is to organize and how to manage bullshit mail, the kind you receive but’s not quite spam.

You can withhold your regular mail at the post office or have it redirected.

For all the other unadressed spam, you could just block your physical mailbox opening and nothing will get in there :laughing:

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Maybe put a shredder to avoid suspects…

I already hate the spammers that leave stuff showing from outside. That should be sanctioned (worse than the spam itself)

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Once I caught one putting adds in my mailbox. I remarked that I had a “PAS PUB, SVP” panel and asked her why she was putting the pub in all the mailbox without regarding the panels.

She was soo rude!!! She started quickly with some racists comments about my nationality, the classical: “she was doing this job because all the foreigners” … and other nice things that I was closed to call the police !!!

I’ve put a sign that I don’t want ads nor free newspaper as we got 2 newspaper per week that we never read, it goes directly to the recycle bin and it’s like 50% of the paper we have to stack in bundle each 2 months. But they don’t care at all, once I catch the guy, he said sorry but next week continue to put the newspaper…

I few years ago, I was in a place were I got so many ads and nobody care about the no-ads sign, that I want to put a sign warning that I will send invoice up to 500CHF to any company that have ads in my mailbox, but I didn’t at the end and I’m not sure if it’s legal or anything. I mean they can refuse to pay of course but can I be more in trouble if I do this? I hope not but then I moved to a place where mailbox was behind a closed door without inter-phone and we didn’t had any ads at all. Now again we have mailbox outside but beside newspaper and political ads, the no ads sign is mostly respected.

I wonder if someone knows if it’s legal what they do. I’m sure they can complain that someone put in there for malicious reasons, but if 10 people around the city complain, maybe there could be a case.

At least one „journal“ is legal and even mandatory to be distributed. In German its the „Anzeiger“. This is the official (ancient) medium for governamental publications.

However there seems a way to also get rid of that.

Example Berne: „Aus rechtlichen Gründen ist die Zustellung obligatorisch. Falls Sie keine Zustellung mehr wünschen, müssen Sie eine Verzichtserklärung ausfüllen. Diese erhalten Sie ebenfalls unter den oben genannten Kontaktmöglichkeiten. Gültig sind nur jene Verzichtserklärungen, welche wir Ihnen zuschicken. Allfällige aus dem Internet heruntergeladene oder handgeschriebene, sind nicht gültig.“