E-bikes from Landi


Hello guys,
in the past weeks, Landi started to propose some E-bikes at very good price. I am interested in the 2 models that cost 999 CHF. 5-year warranty is provided (1 year only on the battery).
Any one after ever bought one of them? Any experience in purchasing such expensive items from Landi?

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There is also jumbo with a cheap ebike:

It depends on the intended use and your weight… with that battery and nm don’t expect much, they are good for a flat city but for hills at least 70 nm.
I (95 kg) have one with 250 W and 45 nm which is perfect for the city and another for the mountain and for the Thule Chariot with 625 W and 85 nm

thanks both.

Goyero: obviously what you say is very much correct. actually biggest limitation is the budget. 1500 chf is the limit . hopefully the idea is to stay around 1000±200.

for what it seems, Landi’s one is better. with front motor, better battery, better computer and better frame. for the same price. agree with my comment?!

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Yes from the specs the landi one seems clearly better.

If you’re referring to the DINAL model:


Then yes, I think it’s better than the one posted by ma0. I don’t get what you mean by front motor though? The motor is in the middle, between the pedals, and it powers the rear wheel via the chain.

They state 36 V / 10,4 Ah / 374,4 Wh and 80 Nm, nominal 65 Nm. I own a Cannondale e-bike with battery+motor from Bosch. It’s 400 Wh and 50 Nm and I find it adequate for pretty much any road. I can do 100 km around Zürisee, I can go up the Uetliberg, can do long cross country trips. When I took it up the Rigi, that’s where I noticed the limitations. With the lowest gear I was still struggling and my battery ran out of juice. But that was an extreme case.

I think this bike looks interesting, if only the quality is good. The battery in my Bosch is still as good as new after 5 years. I paid 2400 CHF for my bike.

I think this bike was not posted yesterday or I missed it. This one looks better than the other 2 for the same price I looked yesterday

The cheapest by coop is worse:

and migros (worse):

and obi (no nm visible)

So, did you buy it?

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