Draft contract for purchasing a flat?

Does anyone know from where to get a template contract for selling / buying a flat? I agreed with my current flat landlord to buy the apartment I am currently in, and we dont want to hire an agency to facilitate the sell (5% extra costs).
Anyone here who tried to make all the paperwork without an agency? I know there might also be some consultants for this, so if anyone has any suggestion which does not imply 5% extra cost would be great to hear it.

Thanks a lot!

You have to go to a notaire (in french sorry). Otherwise the contract has no value.

He will draft the contract for you.


Thanks! That’s why I could not find a template :). And who should approach the notary? The seller or the buyer (I am the buyer, btw, using VIAC as well). I would assume the seller.
Also, any idea what would be the process in the canton of Zurich? I read it differs from canton to canton.
Thanks a lot!

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If the seller let you be in charge for the draft I would always do it with pleasure. You can set up the pace by doing it.

Anyway charges are probably to the buyers account. Check this link I found on google for you:



Thanks a lot for the info! Very useful!