Does IB withhold tax for swiss stock dividend?

Does IB withhold tax for swiss stock dividend?
In general, do swiss residence need to pay tax for the swiss stock dividend?

Are you asking for
a) Swiss stock dividends (is there even any well-known company having issued such recently?) or
b) Swiss stocks’ dividends?

Of course do residents usually have to pay tax - it’s income.
And of course will withholding tax be withheld on Swiss stocks’ dividend payments.

Sorry about my English. I don’t understand the difference of what you are describing.

I am of course ok with the income tax. I know Interactive broker withhold 15% dividend from US company (for example MSFT). Therefore I want to ask if interactive broker withhold dividend from swiss company (for example LISN)

Swiss WHT is 35% for all regular dividends and applied by all brokers. You will get the money back when you declare your dividends (the year after).

Edit: corrected to 35% (not 30%!)

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Swiss withholding tax is 35% not 30%.

@Jiamin: IB withholds the 35%. You have to report the gross dividends in your tax declaration and they will be taxed as income. The 35% WHT will be credited towards your Swiss tax liability.

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„stock dividend“ = instead of (or in addition to) paying out a cash dividend, the company gives you another stock unit for x shares you‘re holding. It‘s rather rare but it does happen.

I assumed you meant (cash) dividend payments from Swiss stocks - but it was an honest question, cause it wasn’t clear in your question above.

Yes, Interactive Brokers withholds a third of the chocolate for themselves. :wink:

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