Does anyone use UBS Safe

Every UBS customer gets some storage within UBS Safe.

There is no shortage of secure online storage. UBS Safe is not end-to-end encrypted, but being tied to my day-to-day bank I would regard it as safe and easy to get access to in case of a digital wipe-out.


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The issue with UBS Safe is you can’t store anything you want (free is limited to 30MB). And you need a backup of your personal data anyway, so why not backup you financial documents there as well?

I do daily backups (Macs via Time Machine to a NAS at home, mobile devices via iCloud Backup), all documents are stored on iCloud Drive as well, and I rotate 2 encrypted backup hard drives that I store off-site (at work).

I am not using it…

Disclaimer : What follows might be an unpopular opinion:

For most of the suggested categories (insurance contacts, ID cards…) any swiss service such as kdrive would be perfectly fine (imho) and much more flexible. I hate to say it but most people are overthinking security, most of the documents they consider sensitive have very little value to an attacker or have already been shared with the entire world.

If security was a top concern, I’d rather choose a service with complete end-to-end encryption such as ProtonDrive or rent a physical bank safe.


For this reason, I will use this feature only for bank documents, respectively, all documents related to my banking relationship. For everything else, I would recommend to use an encrypted service.

Following a highly disappointing personal experience with this service, I no longer recommend it to anyone. In my opinion, there are other alternatives that might be slightly more expensive but are, in my view, of much better quality and specialized in data security. Tresorit would be my recommendation.

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Why would one even need it, i.e. do anything explicit about it?
Aren’t they all “automatically stored” there already?
E.g. monthly/yearly statements etc.

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The UBS Safe feature is presented as an alternative to other cloud storage services. It allows users to deposit documents such as identification, invoices, and other sensitive data. While it defaults to storing banking documents (statements, year-end documents, etc.), it also provides additional features. Personally, I prefer using a specialized cloud service for my sensitive documents and would not use the system provided by the bank.

Would you like to tell us what happened? I’ve always held Proton in high regard and they have a good reputation.

My current approach consists in using a “regular” cloud service and encrypting my data with Cryptomator. But then there is this UBS Safe that’s somehow interesting: Being offered by a bank it’s subject to high safety standards and regulations. So it could be a good backup location for some important and sensitive data.

Maybe I’m being naive but I can’t imagine anything safer than a cloud storage of a big Swiss bank? It’s literally unbreachable?

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Nothing is unbreachable. Not sure if a bank has better expertise in creating secure cloud services than Apple, Google, Microsoft or Dropbox.

Just saw that it’s forbidden to upload encrypted files to UBS Safe. Which is an idiotic restriction.

On a Mac, create an encrypted disk image with Disk Utility, put you documents in there and store that image on whatever cloud service you want. Even if they’re breached, your data is still inaccessible to anyone without the password.


And yet we trust them with our money.

Cryptomator is a better option, as it is more viable. And, if need be, it is included in tools like Cyberduck or Mountain Duck.

Not because of their expertise with cloud storage (at least I don’t).

Better is always relative. I’d use such an image as emergency backup (e.g. on a USB stick), so I’d prefer to be able to open these files on any Mac without having to install additional software.


I’m sorry, but when I read under prohibited content files pre-encrypted before uploading, I say to myself that yes, maybe that’s a bit naive (no disrespect intended).

In my opinion, you have to distinguish between security and confidentiality. A priori and according to UBS, the two don’t go together… It’s a pity, but I’m not OK depositing documents on their platform if I can’t encrypt them beforehand. That’s like storing everything in clear text with them, which for me is a total no go.