Do you still use Visa Debit?

I have one and consider cancelling. Any potential downsides apart from a bit inconvenience? I plan to use 2 cash withdrawals per month from Neon for any cash demand.


If the Mastercard network fails, you still have VISA.

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I prefer to have both especially if you travel outside Europe.

Neon also covers regions outside of EU, no? The fee of using Visa Debit outside of CH seems pretty high

The fees depend on the bank. As far as I can tell, fees for Mastercard Debit and Visa Debit are usually the same, if the bank offers both. Overall, I don’t understand the purpose of this topic as Visa Debit on its own is not a product you can get directly (without going through a bank) and each bank has their own offer.

Did you mean to ask whether we still have a debit card from a traditional bank (which may be included with the bank account/package or may incur an extra fee) or whether we exclusively use free debit/credit cards offered by neobanks and other financial institutes?

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Hello Jay. Yes you understand it correctly in the second paragraph. I pay extra money to have Visa Debit with my bank. I want to cancel it and just use Neon. Since I have not done this before, I am a bit afraid it will cause some unforeseen inconveniences of my daily life (for example, if I suddenly need a large cash withdraw).

I would advise to always have cards from at least two banks in case there is an outage at one.

If you don’t have one already, it may be possible to get a non-Visa/Mastercard bank card from your traditional bank for free, which should suffice to withdraw cash at their counter in the rare case you need it. It might also work at the bank’s own ATMs.

I have a debit card included as part of my bank package and am not currently planning to cancel that. And I have Revolut and Yuh as free secondary accounts with debit cards.


Great. Thanks for your advice !

HI, I have the visa mainly for the insurance coverage. Extra year guarantee, travel insurance and a few more perks.

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