DKB / Euro account alternative

Hi everyone

I am living in Switzerland, but from Euroland myself, and last year I opened an account with DKB for anything related to EURO as currency.
It worked fine so far, paying with the debit card they give you, abroad, was always smooth, however recently I discover they do charge an insane amount for withdrawing cash, in my case 10€ for each withdraw (!!!).
I thought this was free, at least until last year, then I charged the contract and in fact it looks like they do charge this amount if you do not withdraw from they ATM, even in Germany.

I this something also other colleagues on the forum experienced?
What is a good alternative here, is ING an option, for who lives in Switzerland?

Thank you all for your help!


That is strange, from what I know EUR withdrawals should be free in the whole Eurozone.

Update: what you show are conditions for Girokarte. You should have gotten Visa Debit for free, there you get all EUR withdrawals for free.

And your document seems to be outdated, the latest I have is from July 1st 2022 :laughing:

Crap, you are totally right @Dr.PI! I am still using the Girokarte without realizing they upgraded the card few months back (and I have never use it).

Many thanks!

EUR withdrawals with Visa card (credit or debit) are and used to be free.

girocard is charged - and I’m quite sure that was the case years ago already. They’ve always encouraged you to use Visa rather than girocard.

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I like using Wise. You can also use Revolut.

Basically you transfer euros or chf there, and then use their debit card for EUR purchases/withdrawals. And free. You only pay a small fee when transfering money to the account. But if you put 2k each time the fee is really negligible.