Diversification of my first portfolio

Dear all,
I’m a new investor (starting one month ago). I have read a lot, found tons of informations and I finally end up with the following :

I’m in my second round to invest… and don’t kwon where to put my money.

  • continue with the same ETFs or add more (I think continuing is the best to avoid complexity) ?
  • change localization repartition with more emerging market ?
  • add more real-estate ?
  • invest in bonds ? which ones ?
  • life insurance instead of shares or bonds ?

as we are running through a strange period.

On another side, I keep some cash apart and put some money on 3A pilar.

I’d love to read your feedbacks and help me to point out some interesting points.

Thanks in advance,

Good thought… I would be interested if anyone has researched this as an alternative to bonds.

Life insurance as an “investment” is a borderline scam. There are plenty of negative reports and experiences in this forum.

Life insurance makes sense only if you have dependents which would be in big trouble in case of your death.

Indeed there are threads which conclude that 3 pillar life insurance is a “borderline scam”

I was wondering about “non 3 pillar” life insurance as an alternative to bonds. Bonds seem likely to have negative returns to the benchmark is pretty low

If you don’t, I suggest putting everything in VT until you know.