Discretionary investment mandate in Switzerland

Hi all!

I have to designate an investment manager (for reasons not relevant for the discussion). I am free to define the investment mandate - which in my mind would be “buy and hold a World equity ETF every time I add money to the account” - but I can’t take investment decisions myself. I have two questions that I wanted to ask, in case someone knows:

  1. Are you aware of people/firms in Switzerland that would accept this mandate for a flat fee? Considering executing the strategy takes 5 minutes every month I want to avoid a % of AuM fee.
  2. Is anyone familiar with setting up an InteractiveBrokers account for an investment manager where you place significant restrictions on what the manager can do? For instance, I would not want them to be able to withdraw money (or even to sell really, it’s truly buy and hold).

I would prefer that this mandate was done via an international broker (like InteractiveBrokers) as I have used it in the past and it seems to be exempt of Stamp duty tax (for reasons I am yet to understand).

Thank you in advance!

Edit 1: Edited for clarity that I can’t take the investment decisions myself.

Hello !

Not sure if you are looking to something similar like this: Investart - Investing made simple

Otherwise, maybe Fonds de placement | Avadis will better suit you :slight_smile:

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If you work in an area where you posses legally privileged information and you’re not allowed to make trades or investment decisions on your own and therefore the only way around this is a discretionary mandate, I don’t think something like “buy and hold world equity ETF” would qualify as discretionary mandate :slight_smile:

The usual banks take such mandates but the fees are not very good. You may get cheaper fees at some smaller wealth management firms but they usually also take an AuM fee plus a performance fee, and you need a minimum amount of investable assets, and they define what the custody bank will be.

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