Digitec Connect Voucher

Hi all

I bought a new phone from Digitec and it came with a 6-month voucher for Digitec Connect. As I already have a cheap subscription with Yallo, I don’t need it and cosequently thought of selling it on Tutti or something.
There is just one thing where I’m unsure: it’s mentioned in the instructions that one can only use one voucher code of each promo. How can I make sure that it’s going to work for the person who will buy my code? I think I’ve read somewhere on the forum that you can somehow tell from the starting letters of the code, but I can’t find the post anymore…

Cheers and enjoy the long weekend!

If I remember correctly, the first four letters of the code are the same within one promotion.

There’s a discussion somewhere on the Digitec website where somebody from customer service said so. I recommend to drop Digitec a line though, to be sure.

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Thanks! I looked it up on their website, this seems indeed to be the case.

Could you tell us how much you could sell it and where ?
thank you

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I was looking at prices at tutti and found 90.- there. I’ll try it for a bit at this price.
Considering that this is a 40% discount, I think it’s a fair price.

You can also send me a PM, if you want to have it. It wasn’t my intention though to abuse this forum as selling platform…

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