Desperate - Renewing (EU) B permit while on RAV, how to maximize chances of getting B again and not L

Dear all,

I am a Belgian tech worker, who, unfortunately, was laid off in the beginning of the year. I started on RAV but i have a huge doubt, that even my advisor is not sure.

I will have to renew my B permit in September. I would like to hear feedback from people who got similar stories or know similar stories, as my RAV advisor is not sure and the person in the personelamt, since this is a Migration department decision.

I think my scenarios, assuming i do not get a job until then is:

  1. Get 5 year B permit (less likely scenario)
  2. Get temporary B permit until RAV expires
  3. Get L permit for 1 year or less (more likely scenario)

While filling the renewal form, I would like to maximise my chances of having a B (temporary or not) and not get demoted to L because I think that makes me lose the fast track C permit, which was my goal :frowning:

I’ve wanted to ask you, while filling the renewal form, if you put that RAV is your employer and they stamp it as you employer or you dont put that and instead you chose the option that you are searching for a job?

Anything i can attach (ex: bank details and extract, my continous employment history for the last 4.5 years) when going to the personalamt, to increase my chances of getting the B? Any email I can send to the migrationsamt?

Thank you so much in advance, you help would be invaluable.

have you tried the search function of this forum?

Yes sir, and no clear awnser for this specific edge case, namely how should i fill the conflicting options of the form (say that RAV is my employer and have it stamp by them OR say that I am currently looking for a job)

Belgium shouldn’t need a fast track C, can just apply for regular C after 5y.

In some places the upgrade is even automatique eg Berne: Permis C - examen d'office |

And might depend on Canton, but RAV payment normally satisfy the condition for not needing social benefits. (You need to show you earn enough money or have enough wealth)