[Deprecated] Zurich Meetup v2 (29th August 2019, 6pm) @The Green Room, Limmatplatz

Hi Together,

long time ago, was the last Mustachian meetup in Zurich organized. What do you think about a follow-up?
I know a pretty good Irish pub 5 min away from Zurich main station (The Green Room). This is not really crowded, not too busy, and loud.

Here you find a Doodle to find the best date for our meetup.



Get idea, unfortunately I can’t make it any of those dates. Hopefully next time :slight_smile:

Probably those dates are too short-term for the most mustachian fellows… I’m considering to postpone the meetup to September in the hope of more attendees.

Other dates would be appreciated. Also a longer time window. 18:00 is early if you work out of town.

I’ve put one new date for the 5th of September. Unfortunately the attend checks has all been gone, so I’m trying to find out how it works again.

But at the moment looks the 22nd of August the best for 5 of us. If it will be a small meetup, it is not a problem I guess.

Hi Together,

I’m planning to close the Doodle soon, and the final date looks to be the 22nd of August.
It is a bit unlucky to see the results correctly in the Doodle, because I put a new date (5th of Sept) after the start of the poll. But as many of you attended mostly to the 22nd of August, this Meetup seems to be realized!

I will close the poll with 14th of August 5pm.

The location again: The Green Room @Limmatplatz

Have a nice rest for the afternoon!

Could you please @produktiv / @Thaek / @p4co / @Miss Mustard attend in the Doodle again? Somehow doesn’t work your answer after my change in the Doodle.


Hi fellow Mustachians!

The date has been set for our Summer-closing Meetup: 29th of August, Thursday, 6pm in The Green Room @Limmatplatz, Zurich
Location is booked and confirmed :wink:

I’m happy to meet you soon! Enjoy the last weeks of the summer :sunflower: :sunny:

Mr. Paprika :hot_pepper:

Hey guys, Maybe I missed it somewhere, but what time are we meeting on the 29th?

Meeting will start at 6pm, afaik

My fault, thanks for the hint! :slight_smile:
Yes, we will start at 6pm, feel free to join later, if you can’t make 6pm. We have no fix agenda, or anything bounded to 6pm.

Thanks! I will be there unless there is some unexpected crisis. Looking forward to meeting some mustachians! :slight_smile:

Hey Folks. I’m fairly new in Zurich (moved in Jan) but I’d love to meet some Mustachians.

Are we all meeting outside the Green Room at 6pm then? No secret password required to attend I guess :laughing:

Hi Mr.Beard :slight_smile:
Welcome to Zurich, and in the community! No secret word is needed. A table will reserved to the Name:
Mustachian Meetup - Mr.Paprika

You will find us next to the streetfront, at the long table


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Will join later. Thanks for organizing!

Hi Fellow Mustachians!

I have a great news for us :slight_smile: In case of a sunny and warm weather, there will be a big table reserved us outside in the garden :parasol_on_ground: :sunny: Otherwise at any bad weather conditions will stay everything according to the original plan.

The Green Room have a pretty cool selection of draught beers and whiskeys. :beer: :tumbler_glass:

Payment wouldn’t be a problem to done separately, please take you all care your bills before leaving.

I’m looking forward to meet you at Thursday! I wish you all a nice start into this week!


I will be 30 minutes late, as i have an appointment right before. See you tonight!

We’re outside :wink: At the last biggest table in the garden.
I’m in black Fox t-shirt :sunglasses:

On the way there. 10min away

Thanks Everybody for coming! It was a pleasure to meet you, discuss about interesting topics, your stories, and so much more!

We’re closing summer with this meetup, but I’m already looking forward for the next one! Maybe in october? Let’s see, and figure out soon together!

Cheers :clinking_glasses:
Mr. P

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