Delay to receive fund on Interactive Brokers IBKR from UBS

Hi Guys

I am very confused for this inconsistency: I have always transferred funds from UBS to IBKR(at least 20 times in the last 2 years) and normally it arrives on early morning. I scheduled yesterday a transfer of a fund to UBS value date this morning, the money is already debited on UBS but still hasn’t arrived at IBKR, what shall I do? the only difference is in the past it’s bigger amount say several thousand or tens of thousands and today it’s a small amount like 327.13 CHF.


Did you send a deposit notification to IBKR for the (smaller) amount?

of course. as usual---------20

Today is a holiday in Kanton Zürich.

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thanks. just received the fund---------20

Neither a holiday by law - nor a cantonal one, AFAIK.

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Did the money arrive ? Got the same problem for my part