Degiro + IB and Swiss Equities


I wanted to get your quick feedback on my thought process. I have IB for international equities and ETFs and am satisfied with it.

I also have a Degiro account which I am not using at the moment. I was thinking that for buying and holding Swiss equities, perhaps Degiro is a better option than IB because of the following:
-> Switzerland-based account in CHF
-> Simplified taxation
-> No “all eggs in one basket” issue

All comments are welcomed, also if you think this is not a right approach.


As far as I know, DeGiro isn’t Swiss-based (at all) but Dutch.
As such, I don‘t know why taxation should be simplified (because they don’t provide a statement for Swiss tax purposes, or do they?).
Sure, it would avoid putting all eggs into one basket - but so would any other broker, wouldn’t it?

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Thank you, appreciate it. In this case, there really is no advantage splitting it with DeGiro.