Degiro FundShare Cash Fund Tax declaration

Hi there,

I have a question to fellow degiro users.

As you know, Degiro does not hold your cash, it is automatically invested into the FundShare UCITS CHF Cash Fund (Geldmarktfonds NL001128058).

How do you declare your cash in Degiro by the end of the fiscal year?
We don’t even know the transaction dates and amounts regarding the cash fund, how do we declare this? Degiro said I have to ask my tax adviser or the tax authorities…

Your help is very much appreciated!

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I’d called the tax authorities in Vaud about this a couple of years ago. At the time they told me that I could simply list the cash amount as an account with account number “0”.

I’ve stayed with this method since. If you had to detail every transaction you’d have quite a long list (every buy/sell/dividend leads to transactions with the money market fund if domicile and/or exchange isn’t in Switzerland).

What I’m not sure about is how to manage the realised loss/gains, but as it was only a handful of CHF lost I didn’t bother with trying to find out how to manage this.


Thank you very much for your insight! This is quite helpful. I will handle it the same way with the amount on 31st Dec. The realised loss/gains are almost unmanageable and as you said, we are talking about very small numbers.