Degiro - basic vs custody

Dear all

Regarding the type of Degiro account, I see @_MP suggesting the “custody” one, and my understanding is that it should be “safer” (please correct me here) however did anyone choose “basic” and can briefly explain the main difference?

Thanks in advance.


I would recommend you to go through DEGIRO FAQ. (available in German, English and Italian too).

When I had my account with Degiro, I was using the “basic” and was happy with it. I didn’t feel insecure because of the securities lending and used the margin from time to time.


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Thank you @Guillaume_GVA
I had a look and also checked out this website that helped me in my choice: I leave it here as reference for some future user in the same situation.


This topic was also addressed here and in MP’s blog.

By the way, I chose the custody account. I think that the extra safety is worth the small fee.

Me too. Just got the account opening confirmed a couple of minutes ago.