Degiro account status

Dear all,

I was looking into opening a Degiro account but apparently there is a wait list at the moment, due to covid 19.
Fair enough, however they give you a position on the list and today, after 1 full day, I noticed I have the very same place in it (3000 something!!).
Does anyone else have the same issue?

Thank you all!

At the beginning of the waiting list, they were not processing anybody. From this week, they have announced that they will start processing people. Your number is unlikely to change, but you should be contacted by them so that the procedure can start again.

They have not said how long it is going to take to process the entire list.

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thank you @thepoorswiss let’s see how this develops.

@DonDraper same here. I signed up on the 22nd of April, had position 2906, and it hasnt changed since. As @thepoorswiss pointed out, they sent an email on the 28th of April , here is a copy of the text in case you havent received it as well:

Dear Investor,

As you are registered on our waiting list, we wish to update you on its current status. We are making our best efforts to ensure that you can invest as quickly as possible via our platform and apologise about the delay.

Why a waiting list?

COVID-19 is having an immense impact on people’s health, financial situations and day-to-day living. Stock markets across the world have also been heavily affected. Due to these market conditions, we are experiencing a surge in registrations of new customers. This, in combination with the reorganisation of our departments and processes to limit the risks of COVID-19 for our employees, has temporarily reduced our capacity. To ensure the quality of our service, it was therefore necessary to organise a waiting list for new clients.

Our expectations

From next week on, we expect to give people who are currently on the waiting list the opportunity to open an account on a daily basis. However, it may take a while before everyone on the waiting list can complete the registration. We will send you an e-mail as soon as you can complete your registration.

A small gesture

As a thank you for your patience, we are offering you free real-time quotes on US stocks for the rest of the year once your account is up and running. These are normally free of charge for one month after you have made a transaction on an US exchange. The quotes will be activated on a new account corresponding to the e-mail address on which you receive this e-mail that is activated within one month after you receive your registration e-mail.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Kind regards,


I wait since 24.03 and I am 3rd on the list. They haven’t started yet

Edit: I just completed my application

well then something is moving at least. checked today and I went up 30ish positions, it’s going to take months with this speed…

Your comment is completly wrong. This is the date of the press release December 16, 2019

I just checked again and I moved up 200 spots, am now at 2706

Will you update us on a daily basis? :stuck_out_tongue:

@Cortana even if it is a joke, I think @belouga13 's comment is useful, at least it is for me, to understand how quickly they do catch-up :innocent:

For the records, I went down 500 spots in 8 days.


Thank you @DonDraper
and whoever doesnt wish to be updated on this subject can always stop following the specific post :upside_down_face:
I moved 600 spots since my last post :crossed_fingers:

I started 1.5month ago and moved from 5xxx to 1624 today.

thank you @bonanza for your contribution. yes in fact it seems pretty much consistent on catching up.

@Bili it seems you got through, any first feedback? Thanks.

Yep, I started trading on May 6th. It took 2 days until they receive my transfer and approve my account. I didn’t use the sofort transfer

good to know @Bili

btw I am at 1700 something at the moment

for the sake of information, I managed to get to the end of the list, finally :slight_smile:

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Same here :wink: and the onboarding process was very easy. Just transferred some money yesterday, awaiting the confirmation that they’ve received it!

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