Degiro Account in currency other than CHF

We even have a wiki post (written by me :grin:):

ZKB has a state guarantee (by the canton of Zurich), PostFinance does not anymore.

As far as I know, bigger Swiss brokers offer multiple different currency accounts, they also offer UCITS and not-UCITS securities (e.g. US domiciled ones). All of this for a fee of course.

The brokers should only influence buying and holding fees (sometimes more fees on dividend payment and other corporate actions). Everything else (taxes, expense ratios, etc.) should depend on the security you buy.

A small exception are withholding taxes on dividends from US securities (not IE ETFs). Swiss brokers will reduce US withholding from 30% to 15% for Swiss residents like all other brokers worth their salt (which you can get Swiss tax credit for), but will send another 15% to the Swiss FTA (which you can reclaim).

Do you avoid US domiciled ETFs in general?

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