DeFi and crypto lending markets

I have read about lending cryptos in an interesting article here: Why Ethereum is clearly coming ahead of Bitcoin | The Market

Is any mustachian lending his crypto and what real world interest is realistic?

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Look for example

The interest will vary depending on the crypto and the provider - who may take a commission - you use.

I stake Polkadot since March 2021 and I’m happy with it.

Last but not least, the amount received - converted in CHF - is taxable for Swiss tax purposes and must be reported in your tax return.

Well, at least for Polkadot the rewards come directly from inflating the amount of Polkadot (instead of fees). There might be an argument that this is not taxable. Like stock splits are not taxable either.

Good luck with that and your cantonal tax authorities.
Example in the canton of Bern but the same treatment applies within Switzerland.

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I don’t know anything about the Polkadot, but when there is a stock splits, the nominal value is divided. You have to pay taxes when you get free shares as a dividend

This will be a nightmare for my next tax filing.
I will report it but if I didn’t, how would they even be able to check this?

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