Déductions pour frais professionnels IFD

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Small question, In the taxes there is a part called “Déductions pour frais professionnels IFD” I have been trying to find code 31.10 and 31.12, its not written on my “certificat de salaire”. Does anyone know where I can find it or calculate it?

(I have a B permit so maybe it is not applicable for me)

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Well, first I hope you are using software to fill your tax declaration :grin:

It might be a canton-specific thing, but probably not.
Somewhere there should be a place to list your professional expenses (transport, lunches, + an automatic amount). They are not in the salary attestation, you add them yourself!

Later they should be somehow taken over as deductions for taxable income at the commune/canton level (ICC) and at the federal level (IFD). So you should not fill these fields yourself, it should be filled according to another information.

These must be codes within the tax declaration, not in the salary attestation.

You could use GeTax for Geneva or VdTax for Vaud.
Those software are free.
You can commonly deduct for transport (700.- was commonly accepted last year) or lunches (3200.- last year).