Decentralized data storage

Hello ChatGPT community!
I wonder if anyone had tried decentralized data storage. Is it convenient for a regular desktop/mobile user?
Or maybe it makes sense to earn something by renting out the storage space? (Probably not)

I have a STORJ node at home with a Raspberry Pi and one external USB drive of 18TB. It does not earn much except if you upscale (many nodes) so for me it is more for the fun of it and learning something new. With that setup I earn nowadays around the equivalent of 18 USD/month in STORJ coin. This May STORJ actually decreased the earnings for node owners around 30% :frowning: before that I was more around 25 USD/month. Still it is an interesting experiment and in theory the electrical costs are covered as the Raspberry Pi+disk only consumes around 15W. I saw in theory because I never sold any STORJ coin yet.

By the way interesting article about Filecoin, I never heard of them before so I’ll have a look at their project and see if it may earn more than STORJ. The problem with these projects usually they are quite opaque about what you earn, or it is difficult to predict.

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Hey, thanks for the feedback!

And what was the cost of buying the equipment that you use? And it would be interesting to estimate how much electricity and internet cost.

I am trying to figure out if it is worth as a potential side income. I can much easier imagine myself maintaining servers than managing a real estate portfolio as a side project next to the main job :laughing:. That’s why I am thinking about exploring this idea, although there are no specific plans for many years to come.

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I forgot this aspect because it was just some hardware a had unused lying around doing nothing. But the Pi would be around 60.- and the 18TB drive 350.- So already here you need over a year and a half to break even… For the electricity count around 3.- per month depending on your kW/h price and for the internet you need at least a 100 Mbit/s connection, if you have fiber you are more than fine.

Same here, I am experimenting with such side projects which have as first aspect the fun and learning but then if it can be profitable even better. I am also more confident in managing hardware than RE :rofl: I had a quick look at FileCoin website to become a node operator but you have to register through a form and they speak of PB of data and Gbits of bandwidth so it does not sound like something you can do from home easily and cheaply…