Datenauskunft and Credit Score

Hey guys has anyone here already done a free Selbstauskunft at CRIF? I am curious about the factors that determine the Credit score. How do you get to a Credit score of 600?

For the interested:

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most important factors is your income and paying your bills on time

everything else hardly matter, this isnt usa - we don’t worship scores


What is CRIF? Why should we send them a copy of our pass?

A credit risk agency

Because you have to prove your identity.

Rhetorical questions though. Here it’s somehow automatic. I didn’t know it existed actually.

In the US, the score is influenced by how much of your credit lines you use. So, if you ask for an increase of your credit card limit from 10k to 20k, your credit score goes up. If your parents adds you as an authorised user on their credit card, you can actually get a credit history older than you. They also register if you paid on time almost any bill (water, phone etc), but in Switzerland they only register bad and neutral informations, not “good” ones. They are totally crazy…

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Except for mortgages, it looks to me like most rates are “fixed” in Switzerland, with an on/off “do you qualify for it?” check (for which salary is king, along with not having too many other debts). Except if you want to negociate, of course, in which case, it falls to the customer to present aditionnal arguments of his creditworthiness.

I’m not in the financial business but my guess is that, in Switzerland, when the creditor reaches for a credit rating agency, he has already decided on most of the deal he is willing to offer and is just wanting to know if he should go for it or if the person taking the loan bears additional risks.

I personally like it that way, with matters being handled by the two parties involved instead of paying a third party to design an algorithm of its own to tell just how credit worthy he thinks one of the party is. That also allows for more personal data protection, which is also a good thing in my view.

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Putting a rhetorical question after an actual question makes it hard to spot it as rhetorical question :wink:

Some expert see the whole credit rating system also becoming more relevant in Switzerland in the next few years.

So basically the only way to reach 600 is continuing to pay your bills on time (neutral informations)?

I meant the americans are crazy, not the swiss obviously. And for Switzerland I was only talking about informations the credit score companies register, not the banks.


Mine is 458 lol. I expected something around 550.

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Mine is 527 and I am a student with no regular salary.

Do you have any explanation? Do you have a loan or something like that?

Income cant have a lot of influence comparing my score with @Cortana, because I am pretty sure that @Cortana pays taxes on his salary (>30k).

I sent them an E-Mail for correcting the score. Still waiting for a feedback.

Their system seems to be pretty stupid. I don’t have any loans, always paid my bills on time, good salary, working for a bank etc.

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I have 535. Looks like it is approximately the most common score.

I think that page is just a way of collecting peoples ID cards or passport data.

Mine got corrected to 485, but still lol.

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Although it my does not look serious, insurance companies use them and pay for each inquiry.

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@Cortana Did you change your adress multiple times ? They “know” I live at the same adress since “1998” (actually not exact)