DA-1 vs Wertschriften und Guhabenverzeichnis [Zurich]

Why do you think it is that, when I enter the ISIN number (or anything else) of an ETF on the DA-1 form, the Private Tax software does not find anything and I have to enter manually everything, including the dividend dates? I am asking because if I instead try the other page (Wertschriften und Guhabenverzeichnis), the software automagically finds everything!

Is this some sort of punishment for claiming back the 15% US tax? So annoying…

And yes, I am still doing 2018’s declaration…

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It’s super annoying. And not different with the web version.

Could not find a solution to it. Also ended with dark-ish thoughts about punishments…

Only thing is, that they seem to be ok with just declaring all the dividends for one title in one line. No splitting for the number of shares that got dividends quarterly.

No judging here about your tax filing date. The last possible extension is end of November. Had also to use it once.

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This post may help.

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Thanks! For next year then I’ll save myself to list all the dividends and the transactions :slight_smile:

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You can use Dr. Tax.

Whether or not you consider the CHF 29 worth more or less than your time is something I’ll leave up to you.

Forgive me for necro-bumping this thread

In ZH one can scan/take pictures of his papers and finish the 2020 tax declaration fully online. No signature or sending paper needed.

I asked them whether this also goes for DA-1 and they confirmed. In the past, a separate letter was necessary. Not anymore.

It brings the disadvantage that one can not claim DA-1 in February and delay the tax declaration until November…

Really? I always put together a really thick envelope! I thought I had to send the printed papers…

That’s only starting this year that it’s fully online.


Great news for my printer (now that I can’t abuse the office one that is)

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