DA-1 form for US citizens

Hello, I have vanguard ETFs via IB. As a US citizen, I do not have automatic deduction of withholding taxes on dividends. However, I have to pay income tax on this when I file my annual US income taxes.

Can I still get credit for this via DA-1? Any US citizens who have experience avoiding double taxation on dividends?

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DA-1 is for witheld taxes it won’t work. Can’t you use your swiss taxes as a tax credit in the us? So there is minimal dual taxation (or if you have income below 100k I believe it might be exempt).

(I’m not a us citizen so do your own research as well :grinning:)

All rules applying (plus explanations) can be found here:


Of DBA USA, check namely art. 23 (2) and (3).

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Sure, but only for non-US securities with foreign withholding taxes.

For US securities you just file your ordinary US taxes. You’ll need to declare how much swiss income taxes you’re paying and deduct that in one way or another from US tax to get double taxation relief. There are multiple ways to do that (FEIE / FTC), but this forum really isn’t the right place to go into all that stuff. Ask on a US-centric forum like bogleheads.

I don’t think that is correct. As far as I know, you can only use Swiss taxes before any wealth or dividend taxes.

So there must be another avenue as per the double taxation treaty.

My US brokerage doesn’t prepare the withholding tax summary in the annual tax statement. So I just accept the double tax on the dividends.

Has anyone else had this situation and found a solution?

You don’t even have a 1042-S? (Which should list the total amount withheld)