Curve/Vivid in CH

Hi everyone!

Since Curve and Vivid are still not available in Switzerland (as far as I’m aware) - has anyone found a suitable solution for it? Is there anything similar already in CH?

Apologies if a topic already exists on it, really wanted to get some thoughts from everyone.


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For Curve: I had the card for a couple of years already (since before coming to Switzerland). So I just didn’t report my address change.

For Vivid: Since my parents still live in Portugal I used there address to get the card sent to.
I have used the Apple Pay card and so far so good!
I was able to get around 20€ of cashback from the latest trip to Germany (where I spent 110€ish).
It’s a shame that you need to keep referring people to keep the cashback alive

What’s the upside of these compare to revolut?


The main reason, on both cards, is the cashback bonus you could get.
Curve even allows you to “store” all your credit cards into just one (Curve).

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Curve: You can use your Curve Card but on the app you add all of your cards and can choose which one to use, being able to only have 1 card with you.

Vivid: You get 10-20% cashback on a lot of stores.
Also, with their cashback you can invest it in stocks and somehow you get 100% of the upside with no risk of the downside. You are always entitled to the cashback you got even if the stock you choose drops in price.
Safe, meme stock investing? x)

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