CT and non-residents


I am a resident of Andorra and was very happy with Corner Trader. After some time they sent me this email ;: As part of an update of the bank’s business and risk policy, Cornèr Bank has decided to discontinue the offer of trading services to clients domiciled in certain foreign countries

I have to say that it hurted me a bit because I trusted them.

I have one month to find a new bank. Is it common to do this to your clients ? If we exclude IB, SQ, Saxo, Degiro do you know a broker who can let me buy and hold stocks in Hong Kong etc. ?

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Not sure why (and which) brokers you‘d like to exclude along the ones named.

It does happen that banks or brokers discontinue clients based on their jurisdiction of residence.

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In fact, I think IB is your best chance.


FlowBank in Geneva

However, i dont know their policy regarding clients in Andorra.