Crypto + tax filing in CH

Hi all,

Is there any requirement to report your crypto holdings in the yearly CH tax form ?
i.e. buying, gains or selling crypto, I was told that there was not, but i’d like to get a 2nd opinion.


Initially crypto currencies were not considered proper assets, but that has changed years ago.
So yes, at least established currencies/tokens have to be declared as other assets, valued at officially published rates for wealth tax purposes.

Gains are considered tax free capital gains unless you would be deemed a professional trader.


Thank you, really appreciate the advice!

From what I understand from the Federal Tax Administration’s website, this only covers the price of BTC through a fund and not purchasing BTC with fiat through a crypto exchange as I can’t see the price of BTC listed directly. Of course, it’s possible to goto coinmarketcap and go back in time to the date of purchase although there are many variables there, i.e. difference exchanges have price variances and some exchanges have closed down.

Please let me know if i’ve misunderstood.

Do not look under the title section. Given BTC is recognized as currency, it is consequently listed as currency. See “Devisen” and choose 31.12.2019 valuation, to see that the tax authority values it at around 6’950 CHF per BTC. This official rate will also be available in the official tax software.

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In Private Tax they have added the category “Kryptowährungen” so you can list them in the “Wertschriftenverzeichnis”. I recommend listing your Crpytoholdings should you ever consider exchanging it to fiat.

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